The Vikings believed that at first there was nothing. Then the north and the south joined to make a frost-giant called Ymir. Ymir made many more giants who ruled over the world. After a while a cow was created to feed the giants. The cow pleased all the giants. Ice covered the world and after a long long time Bur was born from the ice. He had three sons who fought and killed Ymir. The blood of the great giant Ymir made the seas and his body became land. From his skull they made the entrance to the heavens. Odin, one of the sons of Bur created the dwarf race from the maggots within Ymirs body. Odin and his brothers became rulers over everything and soon made the first human beings. Thats only the beginning. Other gods are Freya, the godess of love and war, and Thor, the god of thunder.


The Viking Gods